About us

We are a family engaged in this business with 3 generations, and we come from nothern part of the Croatia, it is near the borders of Austria and Hungary. That mean, we have spread habits and experince, but we live here for 20 years.

Our Pansion was built in year 1991, just befor the begining of the Cratian War of Indepednce, and that the events of war, the building was devasted.

After returning to normal life, we started with renovation and reconstruction of  houses, which still arrange and adjust purpose for this tourist job.

We love this business, because we are sociable and frindly poeple, so that the spirit anf mood we bring to this job.

If you want to stay in a warm and relaxing environment, you've just chosen the right place for your vacantion!


Company: ERS-MOBIL d.o.o za trgovinu, ugostiteljstvo i turizam

VAT: 37311559090

Competent court: Commercial Court in Zadar

Headquarters: Posedarje (municipalities Posedarje), Bolići-Čiker 5/a

Core capital: 23.400,00 kn

Owner: Emilija Vabec